Welcome to Dr. Vinci's Lab

We strive to promote well-being and improve quality of life among various populations by better understanding the mechanisms that influence health-risk behaviors in order to develop and evaluate relevant behavioral interventions.

About Us

Dr. Vinci’s lab is part of the Department of Health Outcomes and Behavior and the Tobacco Research and Intervention Program (TRIP) at Moffitt Cancer Center. We are focused on alleviating stress and promoting well-being among various populations. Our lab primarily focuses on aiding individuals in reducing cancer-risk behaviors, such as quitting smoking and reducing alcohol use, particularly among underserved populations. A second line of research includes determining whether mindfulness-based strategies can aid cancer caregivers in reducing stress.

Dr. Vinci’s research team collaborates with other researchers across the country. Collectively, Dr. Vinci’s staff aims to promote healthy behaviors through various means, including the incorporation of technology into intervention delivery and exploring the utility of specific intervention strategies, such as mindfulness.





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